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Emergency Services "War" Stories From Which to Learn

This group "SAR Tales" pages was created to pass along real world experience.   Textbooks and classrooms can only teach so much, and while these pages are no match for real experience, they can help bridge the gap.   The idea for this group of pages comes from Thomas B. Golz, who said, "Our [CAP's] training model is the aboriginal tribe, where you learn by being taught by the elders.   When an elder dies, his knowledge, except as taught, has been lost forever."   This group of pages has been built to specifically combat the word-of-mouth-only style of corporate knowledge.   These pages are well-suited for reading and printing.   These stories are not meant for entertainment, but generally are very entertaining.   We've tried to emphasize the lessons of each at the conclusion of the individual article.   Your contributions to these pages are more than welcome; they can be sent to the email address listed in the contact section.   As such, this page is also used as a "talk back" type of forum.


#1 Everyone Knows Its Windy
#2 The Road Less Traveled By Made All The Difference
#3 The Biggest Debacle Ever
#4 Planes, Trains, & Automobiles
#5 Golz At The Bat
#6 Trust No One
#7 Urban/suburban ELT Search Procedures
#8 Critical Incident Stress Debriefing?
#9 New Frequency, Old Problems
#10 Air to Air DF!
#11 the Great Flood of '97
#12 Air Search at its Worst
#13 It Can't Be Anything of MINE!
#14 Switch Off!
#15 The Real Ones
#16 Tales From the Northwest ELT Team
#17 Child Find Program
#18 A False Find
#19 Discarded ELT
#20 DF In My Living Room
#21 One, Both, or None
#22 Tower Power
#23 Confusion Reigns
#24 Low Power, High Reflections
#25 But We're Not Transmitting!



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